How to: Have A Perfect Body

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So it’s getting real here on the blog today.  Recently, a few of my friends and I have been into watching fitness/health vlogs ((youtube videos where individuals generally showcase their workouts and what they eat)). I think it’s inspiring and I like getting an “inside look” at other people’s lives. But is it really something…

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How Hannah Montana Influenced My Childhood


Growing up, let’s say about ages 6-11 I was really, really into Hannah Montana. I was convinced she was the coolest and I was pretty sure she was my long lost twin. I thought we looked JUST alike and were at about the same level of talent. Watching her, I gained a sassy attitude and…

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How to: Access YOUR Creative Side

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**Confused about  the new blog name?! Read my last post, “Issy Is Happy.” I decided to just go for the name change so that my blog is just a little more ME! :):)  Happy Monday! I think Monday’s are great and they’re often my favorite days of the whole week. But it’s so important to…

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Issy Is Happy


Issy is happy is my 2nd instagram account where I post about all the random, silly, little things that make me happy. I did the #100happydays challenge on my regular ~@isabelbarganier~ instagram account and I loved it! But I felt like ((after the challenge was over)) that continuing to post every day would get a…

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3 ~Legit~ Reasons to be Content


In my devotion this morning, I read about contentment. Being content means to be in a state of peaceful happiness. Which is pretty great right? It’s difficult to be content because: life isn’t perfect and situations in our life don’t always go how we plan them. As humans, it seems like there is always someone or something that…

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