How to: Have A Perfect Body

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So it’s getting real here on the blog today.  Recently, a few of my friends and I have been into watching fitness/health vlogs ((youtube videos where individuals generally showcase their workouts and what they eat)). I think it’s inspiring and I like getting an “inside look” at other people’s lives. But is it really something…

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How Hannah Montana Influenced My Childhood


Growing up, let’s say about ages 6-11 I was really, really into Hannah Montana. I was convinced she was the coolest and I was pretty sure she was my long lost twin. I thought we looked JUST alike and were at about the same level of talent. Watching her, I gained a sassy attitude and…

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How to: Access YOUR Creative Side

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**Confused about  the new blog name?! Read my last post, “Issy Is Happy.” I decided to just go for the name change so that my blog is just a little more ME! :):)  Happy Monday! I think Monday’s are great and they’re often my favorite days of the whole week. But it’s so important to…

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Issy Is Happy


Issy is happy is my 2nd instagram account where I post about all the random, silly, little things that make me happy. I did the #100happydays challenge on my regular ~@isabelbarganier~ instagram account and I loved it! But I felt like ((after the challenge was over)) that continuing to post every day would get a…

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3 ~Legit~ Reasons to be Content


In my devotion this morning, I read about contentment. Being content means to be in a state of peaceful happiness. Which is pretty great right? It’s difficult to be content because: life isn’t perfect and situations in our life don’t always go how we plan them. As humans, it seems like there is always someone or something that…

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Paleo Girl & A New Challenge


Hi loves and welcome to today’s post! Thanks for stopping by 😉  I wanted to start by sharing some exciting news! The AMAZING and super talented Leslie Klenke allowed ME to be the cover story for her magazine Paleo Girl IRL.   First off, if you haven’t read her book Paleo Girl… then you are…

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