Wild Wild Wednesday (daily blog #3)


hey hey heeeeeeeey! Welcome my Wednesday DAY IN DA LIFE blog. (it’s slightly more interesting than the last 2 days!) // Woke up Wednesday morning around 8:30 and let the normal “waking up” routine commence:: read my devotion for the day, finished/published my post to the blog + Facebook + instagram.  For breakfast, I had *SHOCKER*…

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Thoughts for Tuesday (daily blog #2)


HEYO!!! WELCOME TO MY TUESDAY IT’S PRETTY CRAZY. Tuesday was another really happy day. Positivity and peace can really make your days better.  I was feeling really bad about myself a few days ago, I was confident that I needed to lose weight and ashamed of myself. I’m bad at talking about my struggles but…

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Monday Musings (daily blog #1!)

monday musings daily blog

hi hi hiiiiiiiiiiiii! This week I am going to DAILY BLOG in more of a ‘journal entry’ style to give *you* a look into what I do in a day {because I know you are dying to know! hehehe}    I tend to really like mondays. They give you a fresh, new start and a…

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Finding Light in Your Darkness (Guest Post!!!)


Hello my lovely readers! Today you have the awesome privilege of reading this GUEST POST from Elizabeth Anne (Bizzy) Kocher! Bizzy is seriously one of the most precious people I know and she blew my away with this post!!! Bizzy is constantly encouraging me and my walk with the Lord; she shines for Him and uses her gifts…

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The Perfect Pre Workout Snack!

pre workout snack//

I have had this quick and energy-boosting treat before almost every workout in the past few days. I don’t know why I had never thought of doing this before! It takes less than 5 minutes to whip up and is jam-packed with easily digestible, simple ingredients.  Pre workout snacks can be hard because you can’t…

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Be Body Positive!!!


hello!  I feel like I have a million things running through my head right now and I NEED to get some thoughts ouuuuuuut of my brain. And what better place to put my thoughts than the internet?!?! Let’s jump into it.   As most of you know, confidence is something that I (along with most…

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